Thanks for your support in the trailer contest

After holding the lead for the first three days, the original trailer for The Blizzard finished in third place with a total of 96 votes in the You Gotta Read Videos book trailer contest. A big thank you to all those who took the time to vote.

The Blizzard trailer will be featured on Monday, March 28th, with the second and first place winners featured in that order the following two days. If you want to see them, go to

This summer, I will enter the other trailer for The Blizzard in the contest. In a future blog post, I will tell you an interesting story about how the second trailer came to be.

Also, to all you self-publishing authors out there who haven’t considered using a trailer to promote your book, I hope you see from visiting You Gotta Read Videos, that book trailers are becoming a big part of the industry. As you can tell, if YGRV can get 20 entries a month in their contest, there are plenty of trailers being used as marketing tools. Trailers can be professionally made, and there are a number of reputable firms making them, or — if you are handy on the computer and especially if you have an artistic side and/or some Photoshop knowledge — you can make your own.

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