The Blizzard Is Going to China

With about 20% of the world’s population, it is mind-boggling to consider the opportunities for rights sales into the Chinese market.

Did you know 20 million Chinese people speak English and 300 million more are learning our language?  In a few years, there will be more English speakers in China than in America.

They’re reading English language books, too.  It’s a status symbol for Chinese readers to be seen in public reading English titles.  With no well-established bookstore market in the country, much growth is happening online.  Sites like Amazon China, 360Buy and Dang Dang have extensive reach with Chinese readers.

So, I’ve signed up with ForeWord Reviews (from whom I stole some of the above words and statistics) for The Blizzard to be a part of their booth at the Beijing International Book Fair later this summer.  It’s a big investment for a self-publisher, but with one-fifth of everyone on Earth in that one country, I figured the numbers might be worth the risk!

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