Welcome to the Marty Martins’ website and blog

Other than an important request at the end of this post, there won’t be a lot of newsy stuff in this inaugural edition. I assume if you found the website, you know enough about me and my first novel, The Blizzard (or better yet, have already read it!) I just want to say “hello” and give a hint of items I intend to cover in coming months.

I’m a writer, not a blogger, so I will not be blogging every day but will commit, at this time, to at least once a week (more frequently if I’m in the mood or something interesting happens).

In future posts, I will “talk” about reading (writers need to be readers), writing, publishing, and book marketing. I will offer tips on self-publishing to hopefully help prevent future authors from repeating some of the same mistakes I made. Also, I will attempt to answer any questions on those subjects, starting with questions I have already received about whether there will be a sequel to The Blizzard.

Okay, here’s that important request (well, important to me, at least!) I mentioned earlier. There’s a contest over at You Gotta Read Videos for book trailers and one of the trailers for The Blizzard is entered. It is entry Number 14. The contest starts today (March 21st) and runs thru Saturday the 26th. So hustle on over there and vote. As they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often! Thank you for your support. Remember, Number 14!

Thanks for stopping by and keep checking in!

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