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The Blizzard Wins September Trailer Contest

The “romantic” trailer (as opposed to the “dramatic” trailer) captured 36% of the total 584 votes cast in the September trailer contest over at yougottareadvideos, to win the first place, coming in ahead of the second place finisher by 37 … Continue reading

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Vote in the National Trailer Contest – Ends 9/26!

The “romantic” trailer for The Blizzard is one of the entrants in this month’s trailer competition at You Gotta Read Videos.  Please go over there, mark #2 in the right column, and click on the “Vote” down at the bottom.  … Continue reading

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Writing a “Guest” Blog Entry

There are numerous ways to gain publicity for your book on the Internet.  One is to go on a “blog tour” during which you are interviewed by various bloggers concurrent with the release of your book.  Naturally, this takes planning.  … Continue reading

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