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Developing Character Profiles

Any novel you write is likely to have multiple characters.  Most will have a name, but what do they look like?  It saves a lot of trouble and time once you’re writing if you plan the descriptions in advance.  Some … Continue reading

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Createspace Report Card: Part 3

Cover Design Createspace can develop just about any kind of cover you want, but you will pay accordingly.  The package I signed up for included cover design, but that was only a graphic-type of cover, no drawings or photos.  I … Continue reading

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The Blizzard Now on Nook

Well, The Blizzard is finally available on Nook.  Everything I read on the Internet about the delays with Barnes & Noble’s Nook was confirmed.  I uploaded it back in April or May — several weeks before it came out on … Continue reading

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Naming Your Characters

I was talking to a budding author a few weeks ago and she mentioned the trouble she was having coming up with names for the characters in the mystery she’s writing. Every author should have a “Good Ideas” folder.  Whenever … Continue reading

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