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New York Times Best Selling Author Peggy McColl has put together an article entitled “Sell More Books by Making the Most out of Amazon” with tips to help maximize your sales on (although many of the hints also apply to  Here are ten of them and you can see the full article, with graphics, here.

1.  Be sure to have your book cover displayed on 

2.  Be sure the ranking is being listed under the Product Details section for your book listing. 

3.  Be sure to have the subtitle for your book (if there is one) is also listed with the title of the book. 

4.  Verify the Product Details for your book and be sure it is complete. 

5.  Review other books to get additional exposure for you, your books, and your website.

6.  Create videos to help promote your book. 

7.  Testimonials serve as “social proof” from others to endorse your book. 

8.  Be sure to have a completed, captivating, marketing oriented product description for your book. 

9.  Once the buying activity starts for your book, and continues, willdisplay your book tagged with books that were also bought (when buyers purchased your book). 

10.  Amazon gives you, the author, the opportunity to post more information about yourself on their service called Author Central. 

And here’s one from me:  Get people who like your book to write reviews of it on Amazon.

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