Createspace Report Card: Part 2

In Part 1, I mentioned about Createspace setting up an account for the author, but one thing I omitted is the fact you will need to have a title, at least a working title, for your book. You can always change it before you give the final “OK” but the title is how you and Createspace keep track of the project.

You will also be given an account number. Every time you call in you will be asked the title of your book and your number. It will help the people working on your project find your book in their system and also confirm it is you who is calling in.

A creative team will work on each phase of the project which you have hired Createspace to perform. The first project was the promotional text creation. This included the short synopsis for the back cover (obviously, they needed that before they could design the cover) and another, slightly longer, synopsis called the “extended description.” This is what appears on Amazon as the Product Description.

Now, you might ask, Gee, Marty, you wrote the book, couldn’t you come up with that stuff on your own? Yes, I probably could have but having been in the advertising business years ago, I wanted someone who was knowledgeable about writing this kind of what can truly be considered “advertising copy” and also someone who possibly would see the story from a different viewpoint than my own. (They did!)

You will be surprised how often you will be able to use those two synopses. For example, I also used the Extended Description on the back of my postcards (more about that in a future post), in promotion letters, and have likewise used the shorter, back cover text for similar purposes.

When the creative team has finished a draft, they send you an email telling you to log into your Createspace account. From there you can download what they have prepared so far. You examine it, make any corrections you want, and send it back. They’ll incorporate your corrections and changes and the process repeats, as many times as it takes, until you click the “accept” icon.

One word of advice, don’t get in a hurry. This whole process takes time. They say a week for each turnaround but a few times it was faster than that for each of the steps. They’ve got their own way of doing things but being as there are, I assume, separate design teams for each section, I could never understand why, for example, the cover team couldn’t work on the cover as the same time the interior team was working on the interior. But, that’s the system, so live with it.

Still to come on the Createspace Report Card will be the Cover Design and Interior Design processes and, finally, Printing.

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