Readers have questions

Here are some questions (or maybe snipes) I have received that maybe others have wondered about.

1. Why isn’t Belle (the dog) on the cover?

She is, you just can’t see her because she’s right behind Chet, trudging along in the path he’s breaking through the snow.

2. Where’s Chet’s rifle (on the cover)?

I suppose it could be blamed on artistic license, but the real reason is we forgot about it while doing the photo shoot. On the other hand, its omission might be a good thing as some gun-haters may have avoided reading a good story if it had been on the cover.

3. I thought it was dark out when Chet carried Melanie to the cabin.

(Is that a question?) Yes, it was after sundown in early February, but it is hard to sell books when potential buyers can’t see what’s on the cover. Again, blame it on artistic license.

4. Will there be a sequel?

What’s the sequel about?

When will there be a sequel?

Yes, there will be a sequel and it is in progress. Obviously, it is about Chet and Melanie. It starts four years later during their last year of college and continues for another two years or so. They’re still together but will they end up together? Some new major characters will be introduced. It will be regular adult fiction, not Young Adult genre like The Blizzard, and I hope to have it out by early 2012.

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