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Who Reads YA Novels? Surprising Results.

The classical definition of a Young Adult novel is any in which the protagonist is of high school age.  So, while some may disagree, technically, Treasure Island and Lord of the Flies are YA novels.  Also, YA novels are traditionally … Continue reading

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An Interview with Me

Eva Coppersmith interviewed me for her blog over at Eva’s Sanctuary.  She also reviewed The Blizzard and, I’m happy to report, gave it her highest rating.  So, if you want to learn more about me or read her opinion of … Continue reading

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Developing a Cover: Createspace Report Card – Part 4

At some point as I was writing or editing The Blizzard, I began imagining what the cover should look like.  Illustrations of that creative process follow below and were pretty firm by the time I contracted with Createspace to print my book. Createspace … Continue reading

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Developing Character Profiles

Any novel you write is likely to have multiple characters.  Most will have a name, but what do they look like?  It saves a lot of trouble and time once you’re writing if you plan the descriptions in advance.  Some … Continue reading

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Naming Your Characters

I was talking to a budding author a few weeks ago and she mentioned the trouble she was having coming up with names for the characters in the mystery she’s writing. Every author should have a “Good Ideas” folder.  Whenever … Continue reading

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