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Authors, Wants Some Free Marketing Tips?

If you are the author of a published book (e-book, self-published, or through a traditional publishing company), would you like to eliminate the 10 things that waste the most time and sell the fewest books, and replace them with 10 … Continue reading

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Why Quality Is ALL That Matters

Author Andy Hollman gave me permission to reprint this important blog entry that any writer worth the name should keep in mind.  The quality of your finished work is more important than whatever you decide to charge for it (even … Continue reading

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Promoting Your Book with Postcards

Believe it or not, color postcards are considerably cheaper than bookmarks.  This is because the paper for postcards (I suggest the 4×6 size) is a standard size and doesn’t have to be trimmed out from larger cardstock like the bookmarks. … Continue reading

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Should You Hire a Professional Editor?

In a previous post, I wrote about the necessity of having your work professionally edited.  Of course, if your book has been picked up by a major publishing house, you likely will have an editor assigned to your book.  (Although … Continue reading

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Getting a Foreword or a “Blurb” from a Famous Person

A great way to attract attention to your book is to get an expert in the field, or a celebrity or media “star,” to write a foreword for your book or at least provide a quote (“blurb”) you might use on the … Continue reading

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Getting Your Book in Libraries

A week or so ago, I was in my neighborhood library on another project but I decided to jump on one of their computers and look up my book.  I knew The Blizzard was part of the library’s collection and, … Continue reading

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Vote in the National Trailer Contest – Ends 9/26!

The “romantic” trailer for The Blizzard is one of the entrants in this month’s trailer competition at You Gotta Read Videos.  Please go over there, mark #2 in the right column, and click on the “Vote” down at the bottom.  … Continue reading

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Developing a Cover: Createspace Report Card – Part 4

At some point as I was writing or editing The Blizzard, I began imagining what the cover should look like.  Illustrations of that creative process follow below and were pretty firm by the time I contracted with Createspace to print my book. Createspace … Continue reading

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Boost Your Amazon Sales

New York Times Best Selling Author Peggy McColl has put together an article entitled “Sell More Books by Making the Most out of Amazon” with tips to help maximize your sales on (although many of the hints also apply … Continue reading

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Developing Character Profiles

Any novel you write is likely to have multiple characters.  Most will have a name, but what do they look like?  It saves a lot of trouble and time once you’re writing if you plan the descriptions in advance.  Some … Continue reading

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